Traits are given to a Kid at the beginning of a run. Negative traits can be removed and positive traits can be learned through The Ghost.

Positive Traits Edit

Breath Holder Edit

Trait BreathHolder

"You've mastered the difficult art of holding your breath."

  • Hold your breath longer in gas and water

Poised Edit

Trait Poised

"You stand and act with grace and efficiency."

  • Reduce knockback
  • Use items faster

Resourceful Edit

Trait Resourceful

"You know how to get the most out of your food, letting it heal you more often and keep you full for longer."

  • Restore +1 health when eating a full meal (get health regardless of meal combination).
  • Potions last longer.
  • Potions of Mana will give you +1 overcharge.

Sneaky Edit

Trait Sneaky

"You know how to land softly and move like a shadow through the catacombs."

  • Crouch to hide.
  • Falling from heights has no effect.
  • Much harder to detect.

Likes [Weapon] Edit

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.50.55 PM

"You like [weapon type] so much you can improve your skills with them just by using them."

  • You can gain skills in the liked weapon by hitting enemies with a weapon of that type.
  • Each successful strike with a liked weapon increases your skill with that weapon by about 5%.

Negative Traits Edit

Bad Swimmer Edit

Trait BadSwimmer

"You never learned how to swim, or how to not inhale water."

  • Swim slowly.
  • Make noise while in water.
  • Drown more quickly.

Clumsy Edit

Trait Clumsy

"You haven't got the steadiest feet... or the surest grip."

  • Trip over rocks/skulls.
  • Chance to be disarmed in weapon clash.
  • Chance to be tumbled by blows.

Loud Edit

Trait Loud

"Some people just can't understand the concept of subtlety. You are one of these people."

  • Make noise when landing.
  • Easily detected by enemies.

Messy Eater Edit

Trait MessyEater

"You tend to end meals with most of the nutrition in your lap rather than your belly."

  • Gain no bonus by eating a complete meal.
  • Food effects are reduced.
Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 9.31.29 PM

Hungry Edit

"You're hungry all the time."

  • Meal meter slowly depletes.
Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 9.31.21 PM

Unstable Caster Edit

"Your complete lack of concentration prevents you from casting spells properly."

  • All spells you cast are "Unstable," which makes the spell act detrimentally.

Hates [Weapon] Edit

You are unable to wield the weapon type. You can still carry it around and even throw it. Propelled by power of hate, they make good projectiles with excellent range.

When leveling the Bully's ability to level 3, you will not gain a skill for the hated weapon and the message "Still hates [hated weapon]!" Will appear. It is currently impossible to remove this trait from your character, even with the help from The Ghost.